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Female Speaker

Public Speaking

Guidance and Inspiration

Invite Amber to come and speak at an event, a school, a community meeting, or anywhere else that you want conjuring,  Amber’s wisdom is broad and her voice is powerful.  She inspires.


Space Holding & Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Amber offers  healing centered empowerment through coaching designed to transmute the possible into actionable steps and a tangible reality.​  Her powerful coaching style explores confusion as a path to clarity. Working with Amber you receive two monthly 75 minute sessions during a 3 month program (with an option to extend) which focuses on your personal, spiritual, or professional goals. Amber brings experience, wisdom, and empathic intuition to hold space and co-create your dreams, healing, and/or goals. 

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Purpose Programming that Aligns with your Path

Amber has a background in supporting individuals, non-profits,  companies, and community programs in creating new or revised missions, visions, goals, strategies, curriculum, design, and full programs. Especially when it comes to Black youth programming.  She has an innovative mindset and her out of the box thinking has launched ideas for programs locally and across the world such as; Youth Leadership Institute, Marin City Community Development Center, Holy Names High School, Tamalpais High School, Marin Oaks High School, Girls Inc. Richmond, Trap the Vote, Daraja Academy (Kenya), SEGA girls school (Tanzania), Innovative Health Solutions.

Lecture Room


Create Connect Compassion Community

Interactive sessions to deepen the concepts, topics and methodologies developed by Amber.

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