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Writing Poetry

The 5 Senses

Amber will teach participants how to use the five sense to create a visceral experience with poetry. This is an exploratory, emotional and interactive experience that expands the writer's ability to emote holistically.

Alliteration and Sound

This workshop is designed to show participants how to play with the relationship between words using sound and flow.

Word Games

For people who LOVE words! 
There is so much "play" for people who work in visuals and kinetics.  This workshop is designed for the oral and auditory folk.  It is a playground in our mind using words from our environment to create playful poetry.

Tools of Empowerment


Introspection is the process of creating a relationship with intuition.  We will explore this process through the 5 senses, conversation with self, value mining, and becoming friends with our emotions.


Reflection asks us to reflect upon the people who shape us in our families, neighborhoods, and other communities. This empathy building workshop walks us through steps to explore the people in our lives in order to gain compassion, forgiveness, and boundaries.


Imagination is the most important tool for building the New World.  We have to be able to dream things we have never seen to create them. In this workshop we will introduce tools to exercise the muscle of imagination.


This workshop explores the different modes of expression as a form of moving the energy through our bodies and offering it to the world outside of us in order to create space in the self for new energy.
What’s your mode?


This workshop teaches you how to translate your needs, boundaries, emotions, and experiences to the world. In addition you will learn tools for listening and absorbing the experiences of the people around us with a focus on acceptance and expectations

Public Speaking

This practical class offers tools to memorization, delivery, and confidence for the sake of public speaking as well as enhance your performance.


This workshop holds space to explore your unique Leadership Style (Medicine Wheel) and how to call in your SQUAD.

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