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Amber Allen-Peirson

CEO/Founder of Clearly Clarity LLC.

Amber is a powerful healer, catalyst, and activist.  She is an empath, a mother, an educator, a poet, a writer, a director, and a public speaker.

Her work is universal because it can be used by all people but she is particularly focused on Black youth and Black communities.  As a teacher and a public speaker, Amber has given lectures and created workshops around the world to affect and empower humans to explore their internal narratives and create powerful and inspiring changes for themselves and their communities. 

As a writer and a poet, her lived experience and perspective provides a range of emotions and stories that she weaves into literal metaphors which provoke reflection and visceral sensations in readers and listeners.


Writing is like a profoundly spiritual prayer for Amber.  What she produces in her process is a gift and treat for human consumption. 


As an empath and healer, Amber has coached people and communities into achieving dreams, healing wounds, repairing relationships, and building stronger identities. 

As an activist, she has developed programs to support healing and justice in the world, organized protests and community healing projects.  


Her Passion

Her passion is the total wellness of individuals and communities. She has displayed her commitment to her passions time and time again through her work: 

  • Teen Program Director, Marin City Community Services District

  • Co-founder of Powerful Beyond Measure (International Girls Youth Development Program) 

  • Program Director for Youth Empowerment Program, Marin City Community Services District

  • School Based Wellness Outreach Specialist 

  • Co-founder of Trap the Vote, Marin 

  • Mill Valley Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force member 

  • Clinic and Program Manager, Marin City Health and Wellness Center

  • HealthRx Program Manager for Innovative Health Solutions

  • Director with Burn a Light Productions

  • And so much more

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