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The Clearly Clarity Fund

Your donations go to supporting under-resourced communities around the world in gaining access to the Clearly Clarity tools of wisdom and empowerment.  These tools are Universal but the spirit of their design was intended for Black and Brown communities that have been marginalized for generations.  Being a healer in marginalized communities is often non-reciprocal work due to the structure of historic inequity within economics.  The people in marginalized communities need and deserve tools for focused healing and empowerment the most. The people who are advocates, healers, and supporters who bring tools and wisdom to marginalized communities are often unreciprocated and burn out.  The Clearly Clarity Fund supports Amber Allen-Peirson’s ability to bring her wisdom and the wisdom of others to under-resourced Black and Brown communities around the world while experiencing her own sense of support, abundance, and healing as a marginalized person in our culture.  We thank you in advance for your contribution.

Patreon Community

Join my patreon community and come to witness, support, and sometimes co-create some of the many projects I am involved in.

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