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Public Speaking

Amber’s wisdom is broad and her voice is powerful.  She inspires. 

She focuses on empowerment in Black communities and empathy building in white spaces to help heal from the disease and divide of racism her lectures are global and have proven to be effective across all color and social lines.  


Her specialty topics are listed here but
please feel free to submit topics of interest for her to study, explore, process, and develop. 

Poetry As Prayer

To Amber poetry is form of prayer that she used to heal and save herself from life's adversities. 

Her style is visceral.  It provokes emotion and thought. She is an experience that provides awaking and connection.  

Tools Of Self-Empowerment

Introspection | Reflection | Imagination |


This lecture is an introduction to tools designed to allow people to access their highest self for their highest good.  This is an introduction to your "Self" through sustainable process. 

Healing Journeys

Breakups | Grief | Anger & Forgiveness

Testimonies collected by Amber's experiences to create a mirrored path of healing for people who are navigating some of life's most defining changes and challenges.

Drop The Mic

A conversation about the practices of  boundaries and the ability to set them. Truth telling and clarity in some of our most foundational relationships.

Why The World Needs To Invest In Black Women

A history lesson and collection of research from around the world that shows the improvement that happens in any community when Black Women are invested in.

Rights of Passage:  Journey For Black Kids From the U.S. to Africa

A visceral account of transformation that occurred when Amber facilitated the travel of several Black American girls to Kenya and Tanzania.  What resulted was a beautiful and affirming equal exchange of culture which allowed them to create sisterhood and global identities.

Racism As A Disease

An introduction to the idea of racism as a mental health disease. This lecture explores the behavioral pattern of racism in comparison to other mental health diseases along with ideas of treatment.

Dream A New World

A brief history of the narratives created about Black folk that became literal and physiological chains.  They were dreamed into existence.  We can reclaim our narratives and use OUR own dreams and imagination as critical tools to shape the world going forward. 

This lecture is specifically designed for Black people.  Non-Black people witnessing this lecture are guests in this space.

Your Racism is Killing Your White Children

An exploration of statics and narratives to show how the disease of racism is effecting white children to their determent and leaving them behind in a developing world.

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