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"Confusion inspires curiosity and sets us on the search for clarity."

Amber Allen-Peirson (Clarity)


Our Story

Clearly Clarity is a love offering for change and healing inspiring individuals and communities through the work and nature of the CEO and founder, Amber Allen-Peirson. 

We are here to heal, inspire, teach, and develop ourselves and the world around us.  We believe that through the tools of empowerment, which focuses on; introspection, reflection, imagination, expression, communication, community, and organization we can make change at the cellular level for ourselves and the world around us.

Our Services

Hear what people say about us...

"Amber is a natural super empath.  She does not just listen, she absorbs you and can take the energy you give her to hold it, respond to it, or alter it, depending on what agreements are made between you.  Her style uses communication, intuition, and a heavy arsenal of tools to co-create a pathway to your goals and walks the road with you"

-Grace Kraaijvanger, Founder and CEO of The Hivery

Clarity is me​,

Inspired by confusion​,

I search for myself.” 


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